Teaser image of Gulp Sass Grapher

Gulp Sass Grapher

  • JS

A gulp plugin to help graph sass imports based on sass-graph.


When creating the front-end build tooling for VenueBook we needed a smarter build system that would watch for changes to partial SASS files and only compile the root SASS files that imported them.


  1. Study how node-sass’s watch command was implemented
  2. Find a library that could parse a sass file and return imports.
  3. Write software to keep a tree map of the relationships between all SASS files in our project.
  4. Leverage gulp watch stream to look up files in the tree to find their root parent files.


  • One of my first introductions to streams which is what lead me to functional programming.
  • Learned how to graph dependencies for quick lookups.
  • Gained experience writing complex front-end build pipelines from scratch.