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CLJ Sign

  • clojure

A Clojure library to sign requests with an openssl private\public key pair.


In developing a larger deploy toolset for sites on shared servers I found myself in need of a library that can use openssl key pairs to sign and verify requests. This would allow a public server to receive requests but only take action on requests sent using a specific key which is not publicly accessible.


  1. Researched existing Clojure libraries but found mostly general encryption libs
  2. Researched existing java solutions
  3. Found a tutorial on signing and verifying signed requests (jackpot! 💰)
  4. Implemented Clojure solution
  5. Wrote unit tests
  6. Created PHP test server to receive and verify the signed requests


  • Learned how signing and verifying signed requests work
  • Learned how to generate key pairs using openssl CLI
  • Learned how to convert key pairs to pem format which is what the Java API expects